Why Have an ATM?

Maine atm companies

Did you know?

  • Maine ATM companies research reflect the nation. Nationally, The average ATM customer spends fifteen percent more than a non-ATM customer at the local convenience store. If you install an ATM at a bar, dance club, or restaurant location, that amount is greater.
  • Inside ATM’s and the free standing ones are the most commonly used types of machines.  Drive through machines are used less.
  • More than 1/2 of all adults in the United States use ATM machines regularly; Americans with higher incomes are more apt to use them more often. They are more convenience driven.
  • Forty percent of those common ATM users will visit a machine an average of once every three days, or ten times each month.
  • Sixty percent of US residents between the ages of twenty five –  thirty four use ATM’s an average of eight times a month
  • Fifty one percent between the ages of thirty five – forty nine use ATMs an average of eight times a month.
  • The average withdrawal is Sixty dollars.
  • A recent survey showed that forty three percent of store customers prefer to receive cash from ATMs even when their bank is open and nearby, because it is more convenient, less gas and simple.

 How you can benefit:

  • Most all ATM customers end up spending a substantial portion of the money they withdrew at your business.
  • People sometimes go to the local store or restaurant ATM machine just to get out cash, and while they are there, they get something. It will bring new and existing customers to your business so that they can get money out. People like to make efficient use of their time, so getting food and drinks at that time just makes sense. They might otherwise go to a different store to do the same.
  • ATMs provide a perfect convenience to your customers, especially the bigger spending ones.
  • Do you have the locals ask if you take checks? You don’t need the discomfort of saying no, or risk the penalty of saying yes and getting a bounced check. Just point to the new machine and smile.
  • Credit card charge back risks are eliminated, as well as the associated exorbitant fees.
  • While you are at it, you can save the transaction fee you would normally pay to your merchant account to process a customer charge on their credit card. It all adds up.
  • So here’s the summary. ATMs undeniably add new customers, increase your sales, and reduce or eliminate your bad check losses. With EAGLE ATM®, you add a service to your customers that will make you more money with no hassle to you. Call 207-253-5403 now and tell us that you want an ATM at your business for free this week.